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How many of us see something every day which we find frustrating and difficult to understand?

We scratch our heads at our failure to comprehend, puzzle at what we perceive to be the obvious lack of logic and grumble about how we would never do things in a similar way, were it our decision.

Sound familiar?

Well, herein lies the driving force behind SlotGuru.

Having worked in the industry for many years, one such issue had troubled us for what seemed like eons.

In any walk of life, when a consumer considers a purchase of a product, they go through a simple process. The consumer compares the specification of the product to their individual requirements. If the product meets the requirements to a sufficient degree, you will probably make the purchase. The less the product fits, the more likely it will remain in the custody of the vendor.

However, there exists one exception. Slot machines.

No such specification is available to players to allow them to determine whether a particular game will be suitable to the kind of experience they are seeking.

Games are built to cater for different types of experiences. Typically, we refer to this as Volatility. Yet we stop short of sharing this with players and educating them about the products on offer.

1. Would we book a holiday without knowing the location or the weather?

2. Would we buy jeans without knowing the size?

3. Would we order a meal without knowing the ingredients?

Slot machines are a fantastic, engaging product with a global audience

However it is truly absurd to think that we expect players to be loyal and committed customers without empowering them with information which will enhance their user experiences.

Quite simply, we want engaged players without giving them a reason to engage!

Time to address this, time to drive meaningful change.

A real chance to make a difference to slot players everywhere.
An opportunity to solve a long-term issue for the benefit of everyone involved.
An unwavering passion and belief to own and be accountable for educating and empowering global slots players
This is the very heartbeat of SlotGuru.

SlotGuru – “to educate & empower players to make better slot decisions every time.”