Through the widescale deployment of SlotGuru, we can achieve the following:

Be proactively responsible for the health of global slot players

Globally educate slots players

Create a safe & sustainable long term future for the industry

Prevent the proliferation of Problem Gambling

SlotGuru is the only preventative tool in the market to help educate and protect players from developing problem gambling behaviours, by:

  • Eliminating player trial and error from slot choices

    Only engaging with what is right for the player

    Helping players try new games with confidence

  • Increasing player awareness

    Educating players to play effectively and responsibly

    Taking care of players

  • Creating better gaming experiences

    Personalising the needs of the player

    Educating & empowering players to choose the right games for them

  • Giving players global responsible gambling guidance

    Providing invaluable RG guidance to players, from specialised industry experts

    Giving players a private & personal place to explore RG information